My second love, Hunting

Outdoor activities really make me happy. Especially in this time, spring time. When the sun is warm and not how, and the find is mild and refreshing. I use that time to go hunting most as I can. Sometimes I even go by myself. That is how much I love it.

I own a shotgun scopes for turkey. I mount them on my shotgun at the spot. I can stress enough how good is the scope for the shotgun. Everyone needs to try one. And I like to sometimes feel it with shotgun dummy rounds.

I addition to that I carry weaver best pistol scope. Feel so powerful with him.

weaver scope

I dream of one day having a crossbow. I would mount some scope on him too.

My first love, swimming.

I looooove swimming. I think I should be born as fish, dolphin or even a shark. I am sure I like water more then them.

It’s the place where I feel the best in the world. So peaceful, calm, focused. I live in large city not close to the water most of the months. So I have to compensate with going to the pools. I go swimming 3 times per week. Usually alone because it’s my thing.

When I am alone I can think and listen beautiful music underwater with my mp3 and best waterproof HeadPhones. It’s the best feeling in the world. Taking a dive and listening to the best tunes available. Maybe it’s crazy for someone, but it’s haven on earth for me.

When I am at home thou, I have installed best waterproof speakers in my bathroom.

Really can’t live without water and music. So now you know a bit more about me. Hope I don’t sound like a big wierdo to you. See ya!

And we are live!

Welcome everybody. This will be mine oasis. Escape from everyone. Hope someone will stumble on this blog and will like it.