How to Choose a Good Tattoo

How to Choose a Good Tattoo

Getting a good tattoo is a major decision. Take some time to do some research before you get your tattoo and not after.

If you invest enough time and energy into choosing your design, it will be more than just a permanent skin marking. Do some soul-searching and find out what you are willing to live with for the rest of your life. Pick designs that will inspire you and give you strength. These will ensure that you settle for patterns or images that will compose a personal tattoo. The process will also help you learn a thing or two about yourself.

A custom tattoo is a good idea when you want something that you know is made only for you. It would be quite disappointing to show off a new tattoo to a friend only to realize that they have the exact one probably in the same place on their body. The tattooist can make you a custom tattoo from the flash designs hanging from his or her studio wall. Tattoo artists usually alter these flash designs to give every client a unique piece.

When you are choosing a design for your tattoo, your only limitation will be your imagination. Although almost any image can be tattooed, it would be important to understand that each image translates differently on the skin. Bigger and bolder images will look better on the skin than very detailed ones. Your artist will mostly likely offer some input when it comes to choosing the type of image for your skin. Therefore, it would be a good idea to listen to their advice. A big beautiful tattoo of a bear’s head will only look like that of a hamster if you shrink it down.

Internet Drought

Oh, internet, how I did miss thee! It never fails to amaze me just how much I depend on the internet these days and even though I’m not the most social of creatures, I still have a fairly active life online. I always read these reports on how people are so addicted to the internet, they break out into a sweat if they can’t get online. I’m glad to say I’m not that bad but I do miss it – it cannot be denied. The internet is a creative outlet for me more than anything else and that’s what I miss the most. I’d be sitting in the caravan, wondering about local history or something, and my fingers would itch to launch Safari but then I’d remember there was no internet. Bummer!

While there was a definite internet drought, the same can’t be said for rain. It rained most of the time we were there but there were dry spells where the sunshine was really warm. Saturday was the worst day with almost torrential rain the whole day which is very noisy in a caravan and it got very windy at night. We hadn’t made plans that day so it didn’t bother us too much. The new caravan also has heating and double-glazing so it is a lot warmer than the old one. We had the heating on once at the weekend as it was starting to get quite chilly and last night we had to have the fire on the lounge area. I really felt a difference in the air yesterday and being on the coast, it was quite windy most of the time.

The weather didn’t stop us from venturing out though. Since Ayrshire is Burns country, we did the whole Burns experience which was quite interesting. I’m not going into detail here though – you can read it when I launch Caledonia Heritage – soon. On Sunday, we went to the Ayr Flower Show and while it stayed dry, it was very muddy. I’m not really bothered about flower competitions but they had the biggest begonias I’ve ever seen and the colours were so amazing. The crafting stalls were more my cup of tea and some of the hand made stuff was so beautiful it made me feel totally inadequate. I’d love to be so gifted.

Monday, we headed up the coast to a small village called Girvan which was quite quaint, although there wasn’t a lot to do there. For the more adventurous, you can go on a boat trip to the Ailsa Craig which looks like a giant muffin sticking out of the sea. It has seal communities and birds, if that’s your thing.

We headed back down towards Ayr and stopped at a few other caravan parks. Culzean Bay Caravan Park is really small but it has amazing views. You can see Arran across the water and just behind that, the Mull of Kintyre. Yes, that Mull of Kintyre. On a clear day, it is reputed you can see Ireland but I reckon you would need pretty good eyesight for that. Culzean Castle looks amazing on the cliffside and I did take a photo but I think it was too far away and it blends it really well to the surrounding area.

Next, we stopped at Dunure which is a small village with a castle ruin. Dunure Castle is the ancient home of the Kennedys who moved to Culzean Castle and you can see why. You can actually go up into the ruin but you need a really good imagination to envisage how it would have looked way back in the day. It is placed on the cliff, much like Culzean, and it is a bit scary when it is windy.

I have a few photos I’m going to upload to Flickr later.

The Dark Knight

Wow! That’s all I can say! Just wow! I love the new incarnation of the Batman movies because they are not afraid to delve deep into the psyche of a man who feels the need to dress up as a bat to fight crime. Bale is utterly awesome as Batman and equally impressive as Bruce Wayne. The movie is very dark but far from depressing as some critics are saying, I love, love, love all the angst.

I know all the focus is on Heath Ledger and his performance as the Joker but I think that is unfair to the rest of the cast who are all on top form. Ledger does give a very good performance but he doesn’t steal the show as some claim, because my attention was firmly on Bale and never left. He just brings something so sexily primal to Batman and there is that touch of vulnerability when he is Wayne. Utterly compelling. Bale is never boring in any of his films and he is a true joy to watch.

I’ve never been a comic book fan, in fact I’ve never read one in my life, but I’ve always had this thing for Batman. He is a hero but at the same time he is permeated with this darkness which is so exciting. I enjoyed the previous incarnations of the Batman movies but still left the cinema disappointed with the way the franchise seemed to be heading. Then along came Batman Begins and it pushed every damn button to perfection.

If you like your superhero films to be colourful and fun, then this movie is not for you. If you like your superhero films to be dark, angsty and full of superb acting – this is most definitely for you.

About me

Caledonia is my net name and I’ve been using it for a couple of years now, although there have been times when I’ve gone by my real name. Caledonia is the old Roman name for Scotland and I chose it as a net name because I’m very proud of being Scottish and it is a very important part of my identity. My family have been in Scotland for generations and it was where I was born, so I have very strong roots here and I don’t think I will ever live anywhere else.

I have a very cynical view of marriage as my parents constantly fought when I was growing up, so you won’t ever see that particular ring on my finger. I don’t have any children of my own and don’t miss it since I pretty much gave up a chunk of my teenage years to babysitting younger cousins. I much prefer being an aunt because you can borrow them and then give them back at the end of the day.

I’m very shy and I would rather have my nose stuck in a book than go to a party which more or less describes my teenage years. I loved school and while my friends were out having fun, I was at home studying like mad which probably explains why I ended up at university and they didn’t. I wouldn’t consider myself highly intelligent because I always had to work really hard to achieve anything but I did graduate with a BA Honours Degree in English Literature. Of course, everyone thought I was destined to become a teacher but the idea of standing in front of a class full of teenagers was akin to my worst nightmare. Teaching younger kids was not an option because I am a total dunce at maths and that is a requirement for that sort of training.

Once I left university, I was ready to leave studying behind and earn some decent money but that bubble soon burst as I discovered how hard it was to actually get an interview, never mind a job! I basically began a long, seemingly endless cycle of unemployment benefit and casual jobs. I suppose part of the problem was I had no clear career goals in mind and apparently no skills for the real world, so I decided to get some computer training. I eventually got a job in the office of a building company and stayed there for three years before I decided enough was enough. It wasn’t well paid and the management had a pretty poor attitude towards female employees.

I’d always been interested in childcare and education, so I decided it was time to go back to school and train to become a nursery nurse. Since I was leaving a full time job, I did a lot of research into my chances of getting a permanent, full time job at the end of it and was assured there was a real shortage of nursery nurses. I would walk into a job with no trouble. My first mistake was actually believing them, my second was attending a college that preferred students not think for themselves and my third was taking a job in a private nursery at the end of it. Private nurseries are only out to make money and precious little of it flows down to the hardworking staff. The final straw came when I had a health scare that left me unable to work for over a year and fighting feelings of depression.

Once my health improved enough for me to start working again, I decided to abandon nursery nursing and went back to office work. I am currently employed with a government agency which is rather unique, so it shall remain nameless since it would be too easy to find me! I do actually like the job and I’m proud of what we do but we are very busy which makes each day very stressful.

While I’m not working, I am usually surfing the internet and maintaining my websites which are listed on another page. I also enjoying crafting. I make my own greeting cards, do cross stitch and want to start scrapbooking – if I ever find the time. I still read books but not as often as before since I have a lot more interests and less time to pursue them these days. I also watch a lot of DVDs and like anything in the scifi/fantasy genre, such as the LOTR and Star Wars trilogies. I don’t consider myself a big music fan and tend to stick to people I’ve liked for a long time such as Bon Jovi, George Michael and U2.


Everyone seems to go crazy about growing their beards longer and longer. By now I think nobody even shaves. From fu manchu-s to full length beard, I have seen it all in last few months. Not even talking about colors I have seen: gray, black, white, red beards.

No one seems to care about rashes, or that unbearable beard itch. All they seems to care is picking the right combs and soaps and all kind of additional products just to groom their manes even better.

But I have to be honest, world looks way better this way. Testosterone levels has gone drasticly up which means, less drama less stupid things. So guys, just keep on growing those hairy faces. Beard On!


I need pure thick glass bongs for my next project. I will be testing the durability, strength, warranties, etc… It’s something I always wanted to clear from my TO-DO list and add to my resume.

In help with this I will call 2 of my best friends: Jack and David. They will enjoy this almost as I will.

Not only we will test bongs, we will be testing ALL and I mean ALL smoking accessories that comes with it.


It will be so cool, almost like this coolest bongs in the world.

My second love, Hunting

Outdoor activities really make me happy. Especially in this time, spring time. When the sun is warm and not how, and the find is mild and refreshing. I use that time to go hunting most as I can. Sometimes I even go by myself. That is how much I love it.

I own a shotgun scopes for turkey. I mount them on my shotgun at the spot. I can stress enough how good is the scope for the shotgun. Everyone needs to try one. And I like to sometimes feel it with shotgun dummy rounds.

I addition to that I carry weaver best pistol scope. Feel so powerful with him.

weaver scope

I dream of one day having a crossbow. I would mount some scope on him too.

My first love, swimming.

I looooove swimming. I think I should be born as fish, dolphin or even a shark. I am sure I like water more then them.

It’s the place where I feel the best in the world. So peaceful, calm, focused. I live in large city not close to the water most of the months. So I have to compensate with going to the pools. I go swimming 3 times per week. Usually alone because it’s my thing.

When I am alone I can think and listen beautiful music underwater with my mp3 and best waterproof HeadPhones. It’s the best feeling in the world. Taking a dive and listening to the best tunes available. Maybe it’s crazy for someone, but it’s haven on earth for me.

When I am at home thou, I have installed best waterproof speakers in my bathroom.

Really can’t live without water and music. So now you know a bit more about me. Hope I don’t sound like a big wierdo to you. See ya!